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Creative and cultural activities are among the oldest forms of human activity. From poetry and sculpture in ancient Greece to today’s online entertainment, they have always been inseparable from human activity. This is why today’s creative industry is one of the most vibrant economic sectors.

The main goal of the Creative Clusters-project is to establish a cross-border cooperation between the creative industries protagonists and local networks of 4 different locations within the SB region.

In the project itself, the development of instruments for an ongoing resp. regular exchange will be developed and established, combining a digital (joint communication platform) and a real-life-approach (annual forums) with each other. Out of the network that is established via these two offers, the creative industry sector protagonists will become aware of relevant activities in other regions, which, again, enables concrete cooperations. Two cross-border cooperation concepts will be specified and tested in the project:

  • Creative industry consultancy structure for the ‘normal economy’ and third institutions regarding working structures, project planning and work organisational issues developed in a cross-border exchange
  • Merging the expertise compiled in this cross-border network of the creative industry protagonists towards a joint support for local processes (joint development of a 10-year-development strategy for several locations).

And, last but not least, a joint promotion of the SB region’s creative industry sector will be arranged in the project, towards further strengthening the sector’s position towards other industry sectors and presenting the work in the sector as internationally relevant and attractive.

Advertisement: Natalia Kochaniuk

phone: 600 006 360
contact person: Natalia Kochaniuk
e-mail: nkochaniuk@gmail.com

Graphics, posters, photography


The network formally established will be the backbone of the sustainable use of the structures and methods established in the project as well as of the ongoing use of the developed methods and tools. The network aim is to:

  • Continue the operation and frequent use of the cross-border exchange platform established in WP2 as joint communication tool of the network members and interested third parties,
  • Ensure the lastingly improved perception of creative industries as a relevant, innovative and internationally oriented sector that is a recommendable cooperation partner, not only locally and regionally, but also for cross-border cooperations/projects;
  • Implement the annual exchange forum as „the meeting place” for cross-border exchanges between creative industry protagonists in different places in the SB region
  • Support the lasting use of the coaching tool developed in WP3, which will be regularly adapted to the target group needs and promoted by the network members.
GAMES:Pracownia grafiki i animacji komputerowej Pixelage

address: Miedziana 18/6 71-636 Szczecin
phone: 793 710 808
website: pixelage.pl
contact person: Rafał Pietrzak
e-mail: info@pixelagestudio.com

Pracownia graficzna, animacja komputerowa
GAMES: Projektowanie i Tworzenie Stron Internetowych

address: Aleja Wojska Polskiego 56/2
phone: 888 520 8888
website: biznesport.pl
contact person:  Robert Butryn
e-mail: butryn@biznesport.pl

Tworzenie stron internetowych

address: Władysława Łokietka 5/2 70-256 Szczecin
phone: 507 671 342
website: flowit.pl
contact person: 
e-mail: kontakt@flowit.pl

Strony internetowe
GAMES: NovCare

address: Duńska 26, 71-795 Szczecin
phone: 785 956 404
website: novcare.pl
contact person: Marcin Nowakowski
e-mail: biuro@novcare.pl

pracownia graficzna, animacja komputerowa
CRAFT: Makramy.com.pl

phone: 570 512 355
website: www.makramy.com.pl
contact person:  Magdalena Kaczmarek
e-mail: biuro@makramy.com.pl

Crafts, macrame, dream catcher
CRAFT:3 kropka Pracownia Ceramiki

address: ul. Leopolda Okulickiego 14A, Szczecin
phone: 795 583 933
website: http://www.chomacpiechota.com/
contact person: Kinga Chamoć – Piechota
e-mail: 3kropka@gmail.com

ceramics, workshops, youth
DESIGN: Maria Bąk

contact person:  Maria Bąk

design, 3D, collaboration
RADIO AND TV: Kręci się

address: Myślenicka 18 Szczecin 71-390
phone: 509 749 356
website: www.krecisie.eu
contact person:  Karolina Woźniak
e-mail: karolina@krecisie.eu

film production, live streaming, weddings
FASHION: Manuela Korecka

phone: 516 662 773
website: https://tiny.pl/7pwkv
contact person:  Manuela Korecka
e-mail: mkorecka8@gmail.com

fashion, design, art
CRAFT: Fanfurnia ceramika szczecińska

phone: 795 583 933
website: https://www.facebook.com/stettinerware/
contact person:  Kinga Chamoć- Piechota

white ceramics, handicraft, art
DESIGN: Marcin Bąk

contact person:  Marcin Bąk
e-mail: mbak@mediadizajn.pl

design, 3D, collaboration
DESIGN: Beata Kuracińska

contact person:  Beata Kuracińska
e-mail: kuracinska.b@gmail.com

design, 3D, collaboration
PERFORMATIVE ART: Alfa-Astra Szkła Tańca

address: ul. Kaszubska 19 73-110 Stargard
phone: 605 350 147
website: https://www.astra.szczecin.pl/
contact person: Anna Łukomska
e-mail: biuro@alfa-astra.stargard.pl

dancing, competitions, youth
PERFORMATIVE ART: Studio taneczno-artystyczne RYTMIX

phone: 602 396 321
website: http://www.rytmix-taniec.pl/
contact person: Dorota Żelachowska
e-mail: rytmix.szczecin@gmail.com

dancing hobby talents

phone: 601 352 377
website: http://www.impact-taniec.pl/
contact person:  Dorota Gaweł
e-mail: impactdora@poczta.onet.pl

formation, dance, passion
GAMES: Freelancer

phone: 609 478 569
website: https://www.facebook.com/emchojnowska
contact person: Magdalena Chojnowska
e-mail: chojnowska.em@gmail.com

design, games, illustrations
GAMES: Freelancer

phone: 509 847 115
website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piotr-glura-b751b0190/
contact person: Piotr Glura
e-mail: glura.piotr@gmail.com

gamedev, 3D, modeling, animating
PERFORMATIVE ART: Błękitna cheerleaders

address: ul. Orawska 1, Szczecin
phone: 914 820 078
website: https://www.facebook.com/B%C5%82%C4%99kitna-Szczecin-Sport-1786233228303516
contact person: sp. 55
e-mail: sp55@miasto.szczecin.pl

blue school

phone: 509 606 785
website: http://oswajaniesztuki.pl/
contact person: Daria Paradowska
e-mail: dparadowska@gmail.com

dance, passion, talent
PERFORMATIVE ART: Just Cheerleaders

phone: 723 727 032
website: http://www.kana.art.pl/
contact person: Angelika Hawryluk
e-mail: justcheerszczecin@gmail.com

cooperation, passion, friendship
GALERIES, CULTURE CENTRES: INKU Szczeciński Inkubator Kultury

address: Al. Wojska Polskiego 90 70-482 Szczecin
phone: 91 424 04 64
website: www.inku.pl
contact person: Marta Wylegała
e-mail: biuro@inkubatorkultury.szczecin.pl

NGOs, culture, events

address: ul. bł. Królowej Jadwigi 43/U1 Szczecin
phone: 48 690 32 3 035
website: http://oswajaniesztuki.pl/
contact person: Kinga Rabińska
e-mail: kontakt@oswajaniesztuki.pl

artists, animators, art


address: Pl. św. Piotra i Pawła 4/5 70-521 Szczecin
phone: 91 4330388
website: www.kana.art.pl
contact person: Dariusz Mikuła
e-mail: info@kana.art.pl

theater, culture, art


address: Al. Wojska Polskiego 90 70-482 Szczecin
phone: 91 312 67 59
website: https://twiks.pl/
contact person: Katarzyna Jurewicz
e-mail: biuro@twiks.pl

culture, initiative, development


address: ul. Bolesława Śmiałego 16/U2 70-351 Szczecin
phone: 91 312 67 59
website: http://seniorszczecin.pl/
contact person: Marcelina Błaszczyk
e-mail: centrum@seniorszczecin.pl

seniors, activation, information
Music: Moonlight

contact person:
e-mail: ju@moonlightband.pl

Muzyka alternatywna
Music: vinders

website: https://www.facebook.com/Vinders-122911161106472/
contact person:
e-mail: vinders@op.pl

Rock, hard rock, heavy metal
Music: Włochaty

phone:  509 825 100
website: http://www.wlochaty.pl/
contact person:
e-mail: naftalij@wp.pl

Punk band
Music: Offensywa

phone: 695 065 052
website: https://pl-pl.facebook.com/offensywa
contact person: Krzysztof Borkowski
e-mail: krzysztof.borkowski@o2.pl

Muzyka alternatywna
Music: Krzysztof Piskuła

address: Nieduża 10/6 71-531 Szczecin
phone: 691 567 333
contact person: Krzysztof Piskuła
e-mail: krzysztof.piskula@gmail.com

Electronic, ambient, future garage
Music: Baltic Neopolis Orchestra

address: al. Wojska Polskiego 90, pok. 17 70-482 Szczecin
phone: 500 122 136
website: http://balticneopolis.pl/
contact person: Katarzyna Kupińska
e-mail: biuro@balticneopolis.pl

String orchestra, chamber music, art projects
Music: Dj Kapitan

phone: 726 413 701
website: https://www.facebook.com/kapitandj/?ref=page_internal
contact person: Kacper Moroz
e-mail: kontakt@djkapitan.pl

DJ, weddings, events
Music: Michał Doroszenko

phone: 602 800 926
website: be.net/michadoroszenko
contact person: Michał Doroszenko
e-mail: doroszenko@pm.me

Electronic music, live music, Film music
Music: Maciej Mostowski DJ

address: Nowogard
phone: 782 471 050
contact person: Maciej Mostowski
e-mail: mostowskimaciej2@gmail.com

DJ, parties, contemporary music
Music: Kolaboranci

address: Swarożyca 1a/11 Szczecin 71-601
website: https://www.facebook.com/kolaboranci/
contact person: Przemysław Thiele
e-mail: przemysławthiele@yahoo.com

Collaborators, Szczecin, punk
Architecture: AECHITEKA – Projektowanie i Aranżacja Wnętrz

address: ul. Wielkopolska 22/1 70-450 Szczecin
phone: 570 773 044
website: architeka.co
contact person: Ewa Kielek
e-mail: info@architeka.co

Interior design
Architecture: KOKON STUDIO

address: Mokra 19 71-495 Szczecin
phone: 508 360 782
website: kokonstudio.com
contact person: Alicja Karolina Prałat
e-mail: karolina@kokonstudio.com

Architecture: Pracownia Architektoniczna GRAPHOS

address: 3 Maja 48 72-200 Nowogard
phone: 606 678 728
website: https://tiny.pl/7pw2m
contact person: Rafał Szpilkowski

Architecture, interior desing
Architecture: Pracownia Projektowa Magdalena Kulik

address: Leśna 4B 78-540 Kalisz Pomorski
phone: 793 371 341
website: makarchitekci.com
contact person: Magdalena Kulik
e-mail: biuro@makarchitekci.com

Architecture, interior desing
Architecture: VAS Studio Architekta

address: Sadowa 1 78-500 Drawsko Pomorskie
phone: 881 950 797
website: vasstudio.pl
contact person: Patrycja Iwan
e-mail: biuro@vasstudio.pl

Architecture, interior desing
Architecture: Architekt, Interior Desing Studio

address: Targ Rybny 2 70-535 Szcczecin
phone: 91 484 30 56, 91 813 62 23
website: idsarchitekci.pl
contact person: Maciej Panek
e-mail: biuro@idsarchitekci.pl

Architecture, interior design
Architecture: Atelier Lillet

address: ul. Jagiellońska 7/U2, 71-437 Szczecin
phone: 601 285 703
website: lillet.pl/
contact person: Karolina Lewandowska
e-mail: biuro@lillet.pl

Interior design, architecture, decorating services
Architecture: DBA Pracownia Architektoniczna

address: ul. Welecka 1G 72-006 Szczecin-Mierzyn
phone: 663 910 280
website: http://dba-architekci.pl/
contact person: Daniel Capar
e-mail: biuro@dba-architekci.pl

Architecture, design, modernization
Architecture: AM Biuro Architektoniczne Alicja Misztal

address: ul. Perłowa 19, 71-804 Szczecin
phone: 609 643 717
website: http://amarchitekt.eu/
contact person: Alicja Misztal
e-mail: almisza@wp.pl

Architecture, interior design, reconstruction

address: ul. Żółkiewskiego 18/2, 70-346 Szczecin
phone: 662 440 248
website: fidorarchitekci.pl
contact person: Jakub Fidor
e-mail: jakubfidor@gmail.com

Architecture, interior design, reconstruction
Film: Stowarzyszenie Officyna

address: al. Wojska Polskiego 90 70-482 Szczecin
phone: 914 236 901
website: http://officyna.art.pl/
contact person: 
e-mail: biuro@officyna.art.pl

Film festival, projects, workshops
Film: Flo Studio

phone: 602 484 041
website: https://flostudio.pl/
contact person:
e-mail: info@flostudio.pl

Wedding films, advertising spots, advertising films
Film: Stowarzyszenie Kamera

address: al. Wojska Polskiego 90 70-482 Szczecin
phone: 501 838 708
website: http://ngokamera.pl/
contact person: Krzysztof Kuźnicki
e-mail: ngokamera@gmail.com

Film, production, culture
Film: Klaudia Prabucka

phone: 721 383 217
contact person: Klaudia Prabucka
e-mail: dreamdelor@gmail.com

Film, animation, photography
Film: Maria Plucińska

phone: 604 818 538
contact person: Maria Plucińska
e-mail: plucinskamaria88@gmail.com

Film, film post-production
Film: Michał Doroszenko

phone: 602 800 926
website: be.net/michadoroszenko
contact person: Michał Doroszenko
e-mail: doroszenko@pm.me

Film advertising, film operator, film production
Film: Kinomativ

phone: 792 901 948
contact person: Ewelina Marcinkowska-Maniak
e-mail: kontakt@kinomotiv.com

Production, concept, implementation
Adevertisement: Fluffy Studio

phone: 693 661 462
website: https://www.facebook.com/fluffystudio.graphic/
contact person:
e-mail: kontakt@fluffy.com.pl

Design, graphics, websites
Advertisement: Natalia Kochaniuk

phone: 600 006 360
contact person:  Natalia Kochaniuk
e-mail: nkochaniuk@gmail.com

Graphics, posters, photography
Advertisement: Sebastian Ścibisz

phone: 731 192 578
website: https://tiny.pl/7pw8t
contact person: Sebastian Ścibisz
e-mail: sscibisz0@gmail.com

Artistic and design graphics, painting, illustration
Adevertisement: Nikola Palej

phone: 727 008 175
contact person: Nikola Palej
e-mail: nikola.polej@gmail.com

Performance, animation, graphics
Advertisement: Monika Górska

phone: 603 069 198
website: be.net/mgorska
contact person: Monika Górska
e-mail: monikagie@icloud.com

Graphics, typesetting, typography
Advertisement: Michał Doroszenko

phone: 602 800 926
website: be.net/michadoroszenko
contact person: Michał Doroszenko
e-mail: doroszenko@pm.me

Publication design
Adevertisement: Ewa Burda

phone: 797 917 587
website: ewaburda.pl
contact person: Ewa Burda
e-mail: ewadburda@gmail.com

Illustration, digital drawing, graphic design
Advertisement: Dawid Fik

phone: 505 805 182
contact person: Dawid Fik
e-mail: fik.dawid@gmail.com

Design, graphics, photography
Advertisement: Łukasz SzpatowiczID1 studio

address: Trygława 40, 70-780 Szczecin PL
phone: 48 737 499 499
website: www.id1.studio
contact person: Łukasz Szpatowicz
e-mail: hello@id1.studio

visual identity, logo, websites
Advertisement: Grzegorz PiasecznyFreelancer

address: Szczecin PL
phone: 48 579 510 181
website: https://www.facebook.com/oretyorety
contact person: Grzegorz Piaseczny
e-mail: grzegorzpiaseczny@op.pl

Illustration, design, workshops
GAMES: Magdalena Chojnowska

address: Szczecin PL
phone: 48 609 478 569
website: https://www.facebook.com/emchojnowska
contact person: Magdalena Chojnowska
e-mail: chojnowska.em@gmail.com

Design, games, illustrations
AdvertisementAnna Szyksznian – SHAPY AfterHours

website: www.instagram.com/shapy.afterhours
contact person: Anna Szyksznian
e-mail: studio.shapy@gmail.com

Design, illustrations, WWW
AdvertisementOla DaleckaFreelancer

address: Noakowskiego 13/6
phone: 48 601 887 848
website: http://www.gisges.pl/
contact person: Aleksandra Gisges Dalecka
e-mail: oladalecka@wp.pl

Visual artist, art, creation
AdvertisementKatarzyna DolinaFreelancer

address: Przelewice
contact person: Katarzyna Dolina
e-mail: dolina.katarzyna@gmail.com

Design, illustrations, corporate identity
AdvertisementBartosz Pietkiewicz – Freelancer

address: Różowa 9/4, 70-781 Szczecin PL
phone: 602 515 783
contact person: Bartosz Pietkiewicz
e-mail: bpietkiewicz95@gmail.com

Designing, furniture, creation
AdvertisementMarzena KolińskaFreelancer

address: Rugiańska 13/55 71-653 Szczecin
phone: 48 601 887 848
contact person: Marzena Kolińska
e-mail: marzena.koli@gazeta.pl

Design, identification, creation
AdvertisementEmilia SmoleńFreelancer

address: Krasińskiego 15/5, 71-443 Szczecin PL
phone: 691 465 451
contact person: Emilia Smoleń
e-mail: emilia.smolen@autograf.pl

Design, film editing, identification
AdvertisementKrzysztof Piskuła – Freelancer

address: Nieduża 10/6 71-531 Szczecin PL
phone: 48 691 567 333
contact person: Krzysztof Piskuła
e-mail: krzysztof.piskula@gmail.com

Graphic design, visual identification
PhotographyTomek Kajszczarek – Tomek Kajszczarek Fotografia

phone: 48 793 589 270
website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilovetk/
contact person: Tomek Kajszczarek

Portrait, fashion, reportage
Photography: Adam Ansen – Adam Ansen Fotografia

phone: 48 606 455 293
website: https://www.adamansen.pl/kontakt
contact person: Adam Ansen

Photography, wedding, creation


Media Dizajn (Lead Partner)

address: Bandurskiego 96/23 71-685 Szczecin
phone: 0048 91 444 24 04 64
website: www.mediadizajn.pl
contact person: Katarzyna Zarek
e-mail: kmasztaler@mediadizajn.pl

Hanseatic City of Rostock, Department for Urban Development, Urban Planning and Economy

address: Neuer Markt 1 18055 Rostock
phone: 0049 381 3816153
website: www.rostock.de
contact person: Andreas Schubert
e-mail: andreas.schubert@rostock.de

Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre

address: Parko str. 5 7LT-90311 Rietavas
phone: 00 37 044 86 82 02
website: www.rietavovic.lt
contact person: Rasa Baliuleviciene
e-mail: vadybininke@rietavovic.lt

Association Rietavas Women Employment Centre / RMUC

address: Parko str. 5 7LT-90311 Rietavas
phone: 00 370 67382349
website: www.facebook.com/groups/ rietavomuc/
contact person: Ausra Dockeviciute
e-mail: rietavomuc@gmail.com

Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic/ ERB

address: Starty Rynek 25 82-300 Elbląg
phone: 0048 55 611 20 00
website: www.eurobalt.org.pl/
contact person: Malgorzata Samusjew
e-mail: sekel@eurobalt.org.pl

Kreativum Science Center

address: Strömmavägen 28 37432 Karlshamn
phone: 00 46 454 56 39 50
website: www.kreativum.se
contact person: Mathias Roos
e-mail: mathias.roos@kreativum.se